Tuesday, March 6, 2012

homemade marshmallows and haircuts!

Today I made homemade marshmallows, I read a bunch of recipes that said they were so good I would never go back store bought...I never will, because I never buy marshmallow.  I have to say I was slightly disappointed.  Then we dipped them in dark chocolate and no one was disappointed.

Yesterday I made buttermilk biscuits because 1- I had buttermilk, 2- no free bread this week (spring break) 3-no yeast for real bread.  Biscuits so easy, so delicious, so quick.

Also today I was working on my self-potrait and I am ready to rip the canvas and burn it.  Something is just off.  Paul's came together so easily.  This painting has just been frustrating.  Something is just off about it, and I don't have to skills or insight to fix it.  I want suggestions from the facebook crowd because I know certain artists will give me help, but I am even too ...embarrassed to post it uggg

Even though we are mostly doing homework for spring break, it is a lot of fun to be around each other all day.  I guess that's called newlywed and I love it!

 Also I cut Paul's hair, not well but I cut it.  Well at the ward activity on Saturday a sister missionary asked "is that your husband with the funny hair"  I was so embarrassed, poor Paul doesn't care how I cut his hair and lets me do whatever I want, and there I was failing him.  So I went home and watched some youtube videos about how to cut men's hair, and the results were pretty good.  Some people even complimented him on it.  Success!

                                          before haircut (paul won a book in his contracts class)
                                          post haircut (don't have better picture sorry)

Also someone thought the kitty should get a marshmallow too, he also thought it would be cute to take a picture.

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