Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have a lot of crazy stories that are related to waxing.  First off I never have been able to spend the money to wax and so my mixed results should not be a surprise.  Back in the day when my sister was 13 she decided to help me out by liberally spreading wax all over a sensitive area.  After that I would go to the beauty school always with some bad, some good results.  In malaysia I tried a variety of waxing venues, and learned only to trust people who had similar hair consistency to wax your hair.  Most recently I have been doing it my self with pretty good results, which is a relief because I love living in a bathing suit all summer. 

Second, I tried Pavlova again and it worked this time, it was a great success, it would have been better chocolate, but I am just happy it worked at all.  The failure came when I decided to through those 4 left over egg yokes into a lemon cake.  We'll call it lemon brick cake see for yourself, probably tastes O.K. (not great) but seriously its a brick, I have a long history with brick cakes as well.

brick cake
success with pavlova

Last this is a super dreadful/exciting week because I find out about UF for nursing, so uhh...

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