Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cedar Keys

We don't know how long we will live in Florida.  Maybe we'll transfer schools in August, maybe we'll stay two more and finish here, maybe we will finish the LLM here and then we won't be hired anywhere else.  Either way while we are here we felt like we should do a little bit of (free) exploring.  So we headed over to Cedar Keys for the day, it was free, it was relaxed and even romantic.  We heard its not a place to swim but, we were regretting not bringing some bathing suits as soon as we felt the refreshing water.

                                In San Francisco they have seals in Cedar Keys they have Pelicans

                        the historic museum was closed but we rocked in the chairs outside
                turns out John Muir spent some time in Cedar Keys as well, although it ended in Malaria
                                                                     beautiful drive

Overall Cedar Keys was nice, low key and pleasant.  Almost eerily calm, no mountains to climb, no waves to challenge, I guess that why people come here to retire.

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