Thursday, March 15, 2012

spanish moss and bus people

Its springtime here and spring in Florida feels like summer somewhere else, but nevertheless it is beautiful.   We have a little potted garden that is sprouting like crazy, I think from here on out we are going to be saving all of our ice cream buckets to make way for the growing garden.  Unfortunately we are having some squirrel troubles, they come when were gone and dig up everything.  Its fine for the bigger plants, but not okay for the sprouts.

I have been taking a new bus route home, which takes me on a tour of a beautiful spanish moss filled neighborhood.  ANY house out there with a huge yard and giant old spanish moss lined trees quickly becomes livable.  If we're staying in the south, its going to include spanish moss.

Speaking of bus rides....mine was crazy today.  It start normal, there was two people across from me flirting, there were the typical odd-ones scattered around.  There were a few guys in the back joking about something (I couldn't even hear them)  and then all of the sudden this gangsta(not an exaggeration) that is sitting right next to me starts yelling at them, that if they want to continue they better be ready to "pop off" apparently that means fight. The threats were getting louder and louder, the language continuously more profane.  Then the bus driver stopped the bus and threatened them sternly not to start anything on the bus, to which their reaction was to threaten to "pop off" too, he threatened back.  None of this was helped by the untimely traffic we were stuck in.  Needless to say I was happy to get off the bus, and will be a little more cautious who I make eye contact with.  He happened to also transfer to the same bus as me, and spend the whole second bus ride on the phone loudly calling his ahem...friends to action against whoever those guys were on the bus.
                                                                 some more calligraphy
 There's our potted garden, except for its missing the two biggest plants, because they were out for sunlight.
Then there is me eating laughy (laffy?) taffy

Corny yes, but I am sort of on a medieval kick and I have and idea about doing an oil painting with medieval sort of quality to it, this was such a first try with water colors.


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