Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The first reason

The first reason is of course the most important (and after this the rest will be more practical)  but nursing is about caring, nurses spend time with there patients, nurses are always there, they are there in the hospital when almost everyone else has gone home.  They watch the patients at night, the address concerns, they have daily opportunities to serve and uplift there patients.  Of course many many times it is not so wonderful or touchy-feely, but it can be.
Nurses give essential care and can really do good for humanity.
if this is not enough for that is ok too (keep reading there will be more reasons), but caring is the basis of the profession and there are always people to help.
I will soon revise this to be more descriptive, but for now, you at least understand the reason in raw

Also speaking of relationships, things are heating up between me and the sewing machine, well more like it seems to be out and used enough that I decided that it should no longer be naked and exposed to dust, so today I sewed a quick cover.  I did so with just quick measures and rough estimates, but it turned out to fit the machine perfectly.  I used the left over fabric from our chairs so it even matches our apartment (I will post pictures of it soon)...it was a really fast project but, now I know my machine is safe from dust.


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