Friday, February 8, 2013

Lack of sleep

Really I could write about this every single day, because I swear I never get enough but this week it has been poignant.

I had my big test on Tuesday, and I did ok, but it took the life out of me and I only got one hour of sleep that night, it also made me decide that I don't really need to become a nurse practitioner right away, in other words I am not interested in grad school for at least a few years after I graduate.  I am ok with 3 twelves, no homework and money, yes definitely ok with that.

Then the next day after that I worked the night shift, still not caught up on sleep and it.was.brutal. but I made it and thought I did pretty good as well.

Last night, I was feeling the need to do something fun, so I tailored this shirt I bought for $2, it took about an hour and a half,  but now I have a shirt that fits me perfectly, just in time for the nursing school career fair next week.

On a related note, I think I have been pretty crabby because I sense myself getting upset with Paul frequently which is because I am being crazy.

Unfortunately not much else has been going on except for a walk today in the beautiful weather, and I have another test coming up on monday in..."health promotion in the advanced practice role"yes, names of nursing courses are silly and they all are related to health promotion disease prevention, which is why when Paul asks me what class I don't even really know what classes I am in.

anyway, it is my goal to stop writing about sleep and writing about something else.

For example I am getting certified as a HIV tester and have to attend a looong class for it, or that my clinicals got moved back so they area no longer earrly in the thing ever! basically being in nursing school makes me want to post about bodily functions which is probably not a good thing.

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