Saturday, February 23, 2013

If I had a nickel

for every time I have been tempted to post on facebook about how beautiful the weather and surroundings are here in florida...I probably wouldn't be rich, but I want to do that all-the-time. Today was especially beautiful, it was a perfect mix of warm, sunny, calm, and can you tell I am not much of a writer it was basically perfection.  To top it off after we got in from our moonlit walk it decided to rain for a time...which makes the nights, that don't cool down even better.

Well despite all this perfection I had to stay in most of the day because I have a test ugggghh... on Monday.  Sometimes, when studying for these tests.  I just want to stomp my feet, scream and refuse to study any more (which is ironic because I study less than anyone I know in my class), because life is passing me by out there and I am wasting it by sitting on my computer procrastinating (yeah I am not even really studying most of the time) feeling guilty.  But then I just tell myself that in a few short months I will be working three twelve hour shifts, have money and (the best part) not have any homework on the weekends.  This will be fabulous and there will be a beautiful day just like this one that I can go on the longest walk ever in and enjoy it without feeling guilty at all.  and hopefully I will be pregnant or have a baby at that point to make the day even better dream the impossible dream (except this will totally happen)

Those are my thoughts at 2:05am.

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