Monday, February 18, 2013

gold and green

We went to a dance on Saturday.  I went to a lot of stake dances as a youth, and I loved all of it, and danced like crazy (literally).  But I really like how our stake here does dances...not so often but when they have them they are big.  Decorations, food, activities, people dress up.  Well annually they have a gold and green ball, and its for everyone 14 and up, so that includes the adults.  People were dressed up , there was endless fresh fruit and other snacks, and best of all there was a live band.  I guess I have never heard of a mormon stake hiring a band but the band were not members and the stake hired them,  although I didn't know all the songs that they played, Paul and I were pretty excited to dance to a live band and had a blast.  Also I should mention that Paul is getting perpetually better at dancing and I am grateful that he is willing to humor me and dance, because my life is infinitely better when he does :)  Although the dance was a few days after Valentines Day, it was the best valentines day gift he could have given me ...  I guess getting married doesn't mean your dancin' days are over :)
I also love every time Paul wears that velvet jacket

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