Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Something sort of weird

about nursing school or people in it.

You know in nursing school we learn about all sorts of diseases and then memorize some of the medications that go with them.  So, health problems, we talk about them all day.  Some sort of weird phenomena exists in our class where people raise there hand to comment, and they just have to tell the whole class about their experience with such and such disease.  In essence it seems to me that people end up bragging about the medications they take, or the disease that runs in their family....and this is all sort of weird to me.
I'm not saying that you should hide your health problems, but using the fact that you can manage asthma, or that your grandfather takes such and such medication, seemingly for the purpose of getting positive feedback (the professor tells you to share your experience with the class) from the professor always makes me roll my eyes.
Oddly they are always the same people who's families seem to have EVERY disease we learn about...its drives me crazy.

So here's to being healthy, proud of it, and living life, praying and hoping that it stays that way and I may I never have health problems to share with the class (please please please!)

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  1. Yeah the same thing happened in Physiology. And the teacher was the worst, he had like every disease known to man and would talk about in a matter of fact way saying maybe God had given him these illnesses so he could teach us but still persisted in eating absolute garbage. I can't stand that attitude.I caaaan't staaaand IT!