Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sad day for the niners :(

and paul is sick, but we did eat homemade pizza today so that was good
I worked two night shifts and my schedule is all wacky,
I still have not studied much, yikes, I am so ready to be done with nursing school. so ready.  And this semester is really just beginning as far as the projects go.

I am also doing community at a school for teenager/high school mothers, and talking to the school about the health and social consequences of tatoos, should be interesting.

I always have a ton of letters to write it seems like, which I like because it gives me a chance to sit down and break out the watercolors which is what I did while Paul was watching the super bowl.

its been sort of "cold" here so I finally despite the fact that it is February I wore this fall outfit around Gainesville and was happy for an excuse to wear gloves

 and we went to the temple, we had to be home in time for me to be able to get to my 11pm shift at work and it ended up being quite a rush on the way home, but it was so nice to go to the temple and remember all those blessings

                                                                          lake alice


  1. Those watercolor paintings are absolutely are very talented!