Tuesday, August 14, 2012

we've been married for a year now

A year from yesterday that is.  Although we did not do anything extra special yesterday we still had a little extra time to enjoy each other's company.  Paul has on campus interviews this week, exciting, but also daunting because it has a sort of THIS. IS .IT! feeling, there are always other pathways to go if you don't get a summer position this way, and Paul is determined to do whatever he needs to, but it would be nice if things went as smoothly as for him to be hired by one of these firms now. But I can't really ask for more than we are already getting, we got in state tuition and we are so overwhelmingly grateful that we did, it will make a huuuuuge difference in our lives.  Also I am a million times grateful to be married to Paul.  He is always nice to me (no one is always nice true, but he comes pretty close), patient ( which I require a lot of ) and considerate (always thinking of small and large ways to make my life easier and more enjoyable).  this year has flown by!

Political power I HAZ IT!  Today, I went to vote in some florida primaries for senators and congressman and such...well the voting precinct that I belong to is apparently uhhh pathetic because only 11 people showed up...and 2 of those eleven were me and paul...that almost 20% of the vote.  I made a difference :)

So i like to read blogs, mostly because I am just nosy and I like looking at people awesome pictures.  But recently some of the blogs I read sort of became ridiculous. I mean you cannot pretend to be normal when you are in your twenties with kids and already stinkin' rich.  One of the blogs I read was selling of their used clothes...cool i thought I will take a look.  Well anyone who thinks they can sell a used piece of not very special clothing for $50-130 is delusional about what reality is.  If that were what my life where like and i bought expensive stuff and had a blog about how normal I was I probably at least be a little more conscience about what normal people spend on clothes so as to not attempt to sell my used clothes for more than their monthly food budget....
Yes, I talk about money a lot of here...can't help it.

It is not unlikely that in a few years that we will not be poor anymore, we will have enough and hopefully some to spare...but i don't think I will ever be able to do silly things like pay over 100 for any piece of clothing...maybe not even over 50...unless its something like a winter coat.

also we took some pictures so I will post them.
                                       carrots from our garden...these were grown in a bucket!

                                                    those are our cool curtains, i made them(thats why they're cool)

                                         im thinking about painting these...fruit is soo beautiful!

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