Tuesday, August 28, 2012

biking and thinking

So I have given in basically.  I walked most of last semester and I knew once I started riding my bike I would not stop(because 10 minutes vs 30 minutes to get to school is too appealing).  I actually hate riding bikes.  There was a time in my life that I think I liked it but, that was cancelled out by the fact that I rode my bike waaaaay too much sort of out-did it...same can be said for swimming laps.  When I was learning to ride a bike as a kid my parents forced me because I did not want to learn at all, there was a lot of crying involved, my younger brother learned before I did even...but I learned.  In high school I biked everywhere it was freedom...I could and would go anywhere I wanted, even hours HOURS away (prob 20-30 mins in a car)...that's when I wore myself out.  Then there was biking in Germany in the snow un dresses ( I only wore pants 1 time that ENTIRE YEAR...dont ask me why!), then I biked sometimes in Berkeley.  Then there was the mission, probably the most intense and dangerous biking of my life.  Through floods up to my waist at least weekly, usually more often, and there is a wonderful round about in Sibu that I almost lost my life in pretty much every night....and its not a joke at all...it was serious business and there are no traffic laws in Sibu, it was like my peddling a horrible bike as fast as I could trying to beat a giant lori in a heavy downpour at night...the only reason I survived biking at sibu (there are unlimited crazy stories about biking there) was because I was on a mission and was being protected.  I didn't quite comprehend then how absolutely vulnerable we were then (I had some idea) but even right after I got transferred I stopped fearing for my life.

Anyway, the reason all about biking is because I dont think I have ever written in my journal about biking and it would be good to have at least a short history of it.

So today, I was feeling pretty good.  I wore a new shirt from my mom, I got out on time.  I thought I looked good, I remembered everything I needed for the day.  I headed out and well, right now there are a bunch of freshman around.  You know fall semester just started they are away from their parents for the first time off to college adventures, have no idea where they are going or what they are doing.  getting out of the bus and standing blankly in the bike lane.  I was coming down an incline  I saw the bus stop I saw the people get out I was prepared...everyone was cleared except one kid...standing blankly in the bike lane, I yelled three times "excuse me can you move! Excuse Me Can You Move! EXCUSE ME CAN YOU MOVE!"  no just oblivious to everything around him, I tried to dodge  but there was a bus on the other side but I mostly cleared him only hitting part of his leg which threw me off my bike  onto the cement in the process.  I just tried to hold myself together.  He laughed and said are you ok?  I mustered up all my composure to just say.."thanks for laughing" and get on my bike and run off on my bike, handle bars twisted and all.  It was not my best moment...but now looking back I am grateful nothing worse happened.  It def. shook me up for the day, but i didn't and even made it through my first class without staying anything to anyone although my legs were dripping blood all over....soo glad this day is over.


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