Sunday, August 26, 2012

being a missionary

We have recently thinking that we need to be better missionaries, and prayed for an experience to do so.  Just the next day, when I was all alone (because Paul drove to DC and back in a less than 36 hours) I was doing some household (apartment) chores and when I was outside I started talking to our neighbors... they were really nice.  Religion came up (maybe because they were persian form india and I was curious)  and we ended up having them over tonight for a religious discussion.  We told them about our beliefs and they told us about theirs, it was informative, polite and a wonderful experience.  I think both gained a great respect as well as some new friends :). Unfortunately they will be moving out soon, fortunately we can help them move and they are not moving that far away.  It was a nice way to spend our Sunday, and I feel like the prayer was answered.  I should definitely be aware of more opportunities to share.

Also Paul and I went on a date to buy ice cream at wasn't really a date but about as close to it as it gets for us.  While we were there I was like I need some pants...maybe I can see if any are on sale and try them on.  They were on sale and I tried on the smallest size they had (or make) and it was huge!!! HUGE!!! on me.  I am small...but I am not THAT small, it is a little scary if their smallest size is falling off me!  What do REALLY small people do.  And who wear these giant clothes, ARE THEY CRAZY! (also I wore a red shirt and khakis and i totally looked like an employee there...woops!)

Also hurricane isaac just passed us by.
Also Paul got another call back interview, yay!  lets hope something comes of something, but I trust what is right will happen.
Also can we start a countdown to November please.

Also, I really love Paul so much.  I dont think that our first year was rough or anything like that, but I feel like I am growing to love him more each day.  In church today we had a wonderful lesson on the scripture.  I realized that even though Paul and I read scriptures together each night I need to be better about reading on my own, because it is true that taking that time is worth it and makes such a huge difference.

I was not diligent about doing my homework this week...its just the first week right.  But I am keenly aware of how much time I waste and how much better I could be and get soo much more done if I was not a time waster, so I am working on that, see I even admitted it here so I am making some real goals about less time wasted, more time used for important things.

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