Monday, August 20, 2012

maybe miami break is almost over so almost over that I have already seen what my schedule will be like starting wednesday and it is going to hurt dearly.  Friday we were supposed to go to washington DC for an interview, but turns out I am going to have lab stuff and so...i will be alone here for a night.

It has been raining HARD for a few days, we like it because it cools everything off and we dont even notice our lack of air conditioning, and we don't have to water the plants, on the other hand its not always fun to get wet whenever you walk outside.

for the big news P got a call back interview at a BIG law firm in miami...the kind that law students dream about...or at least my law student.  We are pretty dang excited an grateful for even this opportunity.  and even though this is call-backs for a summer internship that is basically a try out for hiring you at all...but anything is encouraging and I am not a pessimist so naturally I started thinking what our life would be like if we lived in Miami....long term.

Well, actually its looking pretty good. I looked at some apts that would be near where Paul could possibly work and they are more expensive than we are paying now for sure, but if we had a real income they would be a pretty good deal.  Also if we lived in Miami I could grow all sorts of tropical plants...dragon fruit, papaya it would be awesome!

so whether or not we end up living in Miami or with this internship or job...i think in a few years I will appreciate looking back at these thoughts on that possibility.

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