Friday, April 20, 2012

started composting

Our plants are growing and its awesome, the battle with the squirrels continue but we moved all the young ones inside in order to let them strengthen their roots before they get dug up.  We recently bought a huge amount of yogurt because it was on sale and because i am worried about my calcium intake and froze it, we each get one per day.  We are using the cups to start the seedlings in and really I am amazed at the results.  Since I know we will soon need more dirt and I don't want to keep buying the cheap stuff or any at all I have started composing.  Not a whole lot and it is pathetically amateur, but come on we live in an apartment in florida where roaches are just begging for a reason to invade your house.  So its out side covered, who know it might not even work but I am going to try!

also here's the question should be get worms for the compost I have a feeling it makes all the different but thats a big commitment!

PS the old cucumbers growth got stunted by squirrel attacks

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