Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We went to panama city last week to meet up with Paul’s dad and Gloria, that was nice, nice to get out of Gainesville for a day.  We thought that we would not be able to go to church, but then the we switched a time zone in our favor and arrived an hour before anticipated and found the branch there.  The beach was beautiful we did not get to swim, but we did get to walk on the beach and dream of swimming in the ocean, someday we will go back. 
I had my last two tests before the final for Anatomy and Physiology, luckily for me I did well on both of them.  I am slightly more carefree about my grades this semester because I already got in the program, but with that said I am also feeling slightly relieved that I will get A’s in all three (and final) prerequisite courses.  I am gearing up for some slightly more intense work come May 14th (yeah that far away)
Along with the beginning of nursing school also means buying all sorts of things, a stethascope, a TON of books (ouch), I even got a new ID card.  I walked to the reitz union yesterday and got my new ID card.  Its extra special because For nursing school one has to wear it around the hospital, I was so excited about it that a carried it in my hand all the way home.  I even started using it on the bus, despite the fact that I have two other ID cards I can use for the bus (santa fe ID, and UF spouse ID).

Last weekend we housesat for some people at church, that was enjoyable.  The house was on the outskirts of Gainesville and sort of felt like a retreat out in the country.  We walked their dog, fed their cat, fed their dog. It was quite pleasant.  On top of this they let us eat their cereal, something we have not bought since married, and paid us as well.  Paul studied for civ pro, I should have studied more.

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