Friday, April 13, 2012

Another week has flown by and its just another week closer to the start on CON.  Mostly, what is going on here is a battle with the squirrels, we get no trouble from them and then all of the sudden this morning everything is dug up, which is sad because I had just started some new lettuce to replace the other lettuce they had dug up. Paul is calling for a final solution and we thinking of all sorts of ways to get rid of squirrels, I mean do squirrels that live in a tree laden apartment complex even have any predators?
We live facing the playground and on fridays there are massive amounts of “baby-gators”  that come to play there, so I think perhaps the squirrels move from the playground and are then friendly with our lovely plants, so maybe next thursday night we can move all the plants inside until later in the afternoon.  In other good news we currently have four still green tomatoes, and many many flowers, and some of the other plants are doing well too.  
Also we are pretty much living off law school food for the second week in a row...yum, although when finals are over I think everyone will be happy to be back to the ol' beans and rice.

We went on an awesome walk yesterday through some older neighborhood nearby, I really can't say this enough that the trees here are too beautiful, I could stare at them all day, if I had my camera I would have some pictures but I left it at the strykers last week.

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  1. love your blog, and now following! my husband is applying to law school and i am in grad school, so i understand the finals stress!! also, we are hosting a great giveaway over on our blog today..come enter! xo