Monday, April 16, 2012

I finally got some pants that fit me!  I would never have thought that one pair of well fit capris could do so much to calm my inner storm, talk about a huge blessing (sorry if that sounds pathetic) but it truly was and   I suppose it jus goes to show that Heavenly Father does really give us tender mercies of things He must think are quite silly.

Other than that, been taking the bus, baked some cookies, been studying and enjoying the wonderful weather.

Our war with the squirrels continues and is getting even more intense, but I suppose that is life.  Paul starts his finals in a matter of 10 days and within a few weeks of that he will be finished with his first year of law school.  He has been so diligent and worked so hard and I hope he does well.

I am also feeling quite good because I had the best primary lesson ever, I don't always feel like my class learns, but for some reason yesterday I really felt like they actually listened and learned and well that is a major break through.

In other news I also played the piano for singing time, although it was very ....well I messed up a lot it was a start in the right direction and I think I will volunteer more often as well as practice those particular songs.

Other than study and go to open lab I think I will make that a priority for this week.  Heres the new (well fitted pants)

                                                    on our way to get free bread (bus stop)

                                                        and here is one cute poodle

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