Thursday, April 5, 2012

this week post general conference has been good, I have been focussing on not judging people, here what happened, in between sessions (sunday) we went on a walk and on the way I caught myself judging every little passer by that passed us by. well the key word is here that I CAUGHT myself, because I had just listened to Uchti's talk about not judging and so I am trying to do just that, not judge. And let me tell you taking the bus provides many opportunities to judge, but I am attempting to be better, to be more Christ-like.  And I have had some success today I let a toothless man tell me about a children's book he was reading and I think he enjoyed telling me, and I also enjoyed listening.  I think most important is that I am aware of this problem and can start to fix it,  I guess previously I thought that if it was in my head it didn't count  ( not a good justification)  but hey who knows if I am not focussed on judging I can instead think to smile at them, and a lot of people riding the bus here need that more.

Also when we moved to Florida I had a minor culture shock...gainesville is not the bay area (sf)  and one thing that was different is that people here commonly join the military. Something I had not previously been exposed to too any great extent , or not in the same way.  But seeing the recruiters here on campus makes me proud because it gives people an opportunity to master and accomplish hard things, and then gives them scholarships so they can accomplish more hard things.  People who might not otherwise have that chance.  I am not saying I agree with everything the US military does, or anybody's politics, I am just saying that the military gives people opportunities and a pathway when they might otherwise be lost, and I like that they look proud of themselves on campus in a good, confident way.    It has also begun to break my heart to see young veterans with missing legs or just looking out of place...seriously all the things you see riding the bus...gaining new appreciation because a missing leg is not worth a scholarship in anyone's book.

Also been doing some paintin' ..just a little  First off...yes the jungle one is supposed to be 2-d and I am not sure I am done with it yet...i was just enjoying playing with colors .  Additionally, the clouds one if lovely right?  yes, but the ideas was not mine I came across this painting after googling "clouds painting"  and well I am teaching myself so I am learning through others and I DID paint just wasn't my idea and I know idea is a HUGE part of the battle...but hey I am proud of my efforts.

Lastly took CPR, got my TB test,  tomorrow getting finger printed and I am most of the way done with ever-nearer nursing school much paperwork

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