Monday, July 23, 2012

What a wonderful weekend

What a great weekend.  I finished my tests last week and maybe at that point Paul and I both sort of forgot that we are human.  I was ready to dive right back in and start again...without even procrastinating a day, did I forget who I am or something?  I needed a break.  Luckily, best friend Kate pulled into Florida (Panama City Beach) just in time to save me.  Although it required 4 + hours to get there from Gainesville,  I can't think of a more worth it drive.  It was nice to see a friend that we both knew before Florida.  It was nice to remember that hey I am not like all those other nursing school girls (not in a bad way they aren't like me either) because of reason a, b, and c.  It was really nice to swim in the pool, ocean, hot tub and eat junk food, while having a kind ear to listen to anything and everything about life, and it was hopefully nice for her too....So yes, feeling so revived and ready to survive the rest of the semester.

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  1. Since when do you have a blog???? Now I can repay your comments. I like that I am "best friend Kate' thanks for coming!