Monday, July 16, 2012

there is sunshine blessed sunshine

I just took my patho tests this morning, I stayed up past 4:30 am studying the test was at 8am, it was hard, things were looking dark.  I actually thought I might fail out of nursing school because of this test, I couldn't focus, I didn't know what to focus on, well I got my preliminary score just a few minutes ago and...i got my best test score ever, which also means there is no way I will be failing anything any time soon.  Although, I do have another big test tomorrow (I am taking a quite break before I dive back in to studying, because it WILL be another 4:30 am. and then wednesday I have a check-off and after that the week is all fun, games and clinicals.

Yesterday in YW there was a wonderful lesson about forgiveness, and being forgiving and also being appreciative when others are forgiving to you.  It was wonderful and made me think of all the ways and times that Paul forgives me for my follies and foolish pride, and I am grateful he does not hold on to things he just forgets,  I need to be equally so to thanks paul for being the best.

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