Thursday, July 26, 2012

thoughts on healthcare

Today was clinical day and with clinical day I am always prompted to think a lot about my patient's and their lives and all sorts of other things.

1-Our government is crazy, and the healthcare law is definitely unconstitutional.  I was thinking about the idea behind palliative care, I mean seriously not everyone wants to die with IVs in their arms and tubes up their butts and not only is that ok, it is completely understandable.  Not only that but, not everyone wants to go to the hospital while they are sick, even if the hospital were 100% free, some people don't buy into western medicine, and even more some people don't just not buy into western medicine, some people don't believe in it.  Does it seem fair that the government is getting involved in forcing people to pay for something they actually do not believe in.

2- My grandmother is in better health than I ever realized and I did not appreciate this until I saw what kind of shape some people are in in the hospital are.  I am not judging those people, obviously their are infinite variables that contribute to people's health, but it is giving me a perspective on where she is at.

3- also one of our deans gave us a lecture on "bullying"....bullying? really?  I have not seen any bullying in our program, and if it has been there it has been subtle, the group has issues but surprisingly bullying is not one of them.  Well, it turns out it was a certain teacher  that just thought we weren't acting professional enough (which is true in some cases of some people), but i am still confused as to why that was classified under bullying, when it was more like...don't go on facebook during class.

4-I just took a nap and therefore I am feeling excessively positive about the future.

5-I have a lot to be grateful for and I only wash my hair once a week, and I can't remember the rest of which I was going to write.

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