Sunday, January 29, 2012


We made a goal that now that we live about 3 miles from church we will try and walk there every week. So today despite being very tired we set out with enough time and walked to church.
It was nice and we got to know the area a little bit better and saw an awesome park that we are going to go back to sometime.
Also somehow I was wearing all pink toady, pink cardigan, pink skirt, and red nails.  I saw myself in the mirror before we left and thought I should change, but I figured valentines day is just around the corner why not?
Church was a broadcast to the southern states, funny that we are now part of the southern states.  It led me to think in a new way about why we ended up going to school here and if perhaps there is a greater purpose behind it.  I did not want to come to Florida at all, but now that I am here I am beginning to like it and see the wisdom in it. Right now I am listening to Cat Stevens "morning has broken"  I love that song.  I have loved it for a long time.  There are so many beautiful songs to love.
Also, I lost my paintbrushes.  Over winter break my Christmas present was a small watercolor set.  I was so excited because I felt like I hadn't done anything artistic in a long time.  I painted a lot over Christmas Break, but was just getting started.  Now since the move I can't find my paint brushes.  waaa.
also I love john bauer, I wish I could paint like that.

maybe because I just got married and I am blonde, I like to pretend that I am in this painting .

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