Sunday, January 29, 2012


I really am a fan of making up recipes.

1- Recipes always add way to much sugar and butter, I usually half what they say
2- I don't have money for extensive ingredients
3- I learn a lot about baking/cooking by failing and have learned a lot about the way things work.

so today I wanted cake...and I wanted it fast.

so here what I dumped into a bowl (I don't measure)
wheat flour (the base)
white flour
2 eggs (to hold it together)
baking powder (so it will rise)
all spice (for flavor)
cinnamon (because its cheap)
molasses (healthier than sugar and for sweetness)
about (I am guessing) 3 tablespoons sugar (we are trying to cut back on sugar consumption plus I used molasses)
some oil (for texture)
water (to loosen it up and make it batter like)

                                                          (isn't that molasses pretty)
                                                    (it cracked but oh well, still tastes good)
                                        with the chocolate, and look its even quality chocolate
I put why I put it in next to each ingredient, that how I remember ingredients, all the different things it needs , sweetness, holding together etc...

Then I put it into the oven...not sure what degree probably 350-400F, not sure how long (just took it out when it looked done).

Then I melted about 1/8th of a bag of chocolate chip and a tiny amount of butter(so it wouldn't burn the chocolate) together for some intense chocolate on top this is what came was delicious.

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