Friday, January 27, 2012

gymnastics and ganache

Today, we had a good day.  Paul is slightly ahead in his reading so we walked to the grocery store (3 actually) bought our groceries for the week and then walked home.  Right now the weather here is AMAZING. 70 degrees sunny, breezy beautiful! Since we are living on campus a large part of the walk was through campus, there was a beautiful tree lined street, fields (sports, but still pretty) and generally just wonderful.
After we got home we had just enough time to eat and do some homework before going to the Gymnastics meet.  Apparently UF has an awesome girls Gymnastics teams, and with a student ID its free to go and watch.  There were 4 teams and because they do the events all at once there was truly never a dull moment.  Also impressive that they filled up almost the whole was like going to a major college basketball game, but gymnastics!  I love to see that because gymnasts work so hard and other than the Olympics they don't get many other opportunities to perform for big crowds...and this was one excited crowd.
Then last but not least, tomorrow we are going to a Birthday party and I am bringing a cake.  She wanted chocolate and she is getting mega-chocolate.  I have never made ganache before but I wanted something different than the usual cream cheese frosting I make.  So, I tried ganache and it worked really well, although is extremely rich.  I also found an old zip lock bag, and attempted to decorate it a little bit, the words came out slightly crooked, but I thought it looked good enough.  I am still debating as to add some strawberries....can't wait to try it...hope she likes it yummm

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