Monday, January 30, 2012

free stuff

one time I had a boyfriend who asked me what I would do when I stopped getting free stuff.

At the time I was in a contact lens study that was giving me free contacts,  I was working for a family (driving kids around doing dishes) in exchange for free rent (the rent was worth more than my work), and I was taking free buses to get where I needed to go.  I think he was jealous.

I don't always get free stuff and the free stuff I get usually isn't worth that much, but it mostly stems from the fact that I am willing to use anything that comes my me a bottom feeder.

Currently we are both in school, paying out-of-state tuition,  my husband is in his 1st year of law school (not allowed to work), and I am getting a second bachelors degree (not allowed to get financial aid, even though I never got it the first time) and can't find a job. So...when free stuff comes our way we feel extremely blessed and grateful.

Monday at the local community college they give out free bread and treats.  Its the leftovers from groceries stores from the week before, but still delicious. Its the only bread we get because bread is too expensive to buy regularly.  This week I got 2 loaves of bread, 2 grapefruits, and 1pastry cake thing.  I love free bread mondays!!!!

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