Saturday, November 23, 2013


Today I had a great day at work.  And it has me thinking about all the wonderful opportunities I have by working in health care.  Opportunities that are not a stable job and benefits, but the actual many human unique human interactions I have had.  With so many patients that change all the time it is hard to remember individuals and individual situations, but some patients would be hard to forget.  I am grateful for there optimism, hope and all around good attitudes.  Of course this is not every patient and there have been plenty of people who are not shy at expressing/complaining about what they area going through, which is totally understandable.

But tonight for some reason I was thinking about the recreational therapist at the Rehab Hospital I used to work with and the fun and creative activities she used to do with patients and their families.  Its Saturday night and she is probably there playing music, bingo and make virgin margaritas for the patients able to sit in a wheelchair.  Maybe this doesn't seem like a huge deal but, many of these people are in recovery from life altering strokes, brain injuries or surgeries.  Just some music can bring such a better mood and more hope into their daily routines of nurses, medicine and trying to get back to a minimum functional routine. In fact my writing is terrible and cannot give the full picture or express my feelings. But, these are people who have been in the hospital for months, maybe they have lost their continence, and have to call a nurse to be turned in bed or changed, many can't properly swallow their food, have tubes in several parts of their bodies, can no longer speak properly, may never walk again and the list goes on...and some have all of these.  And so to simply be able to sit at a table (strapped into a wheelchair) and just not think about what is wrong is a pretty big deal.  I am grateful for the perspective it gives me as a caregiver and as a human, and for all the sincerity that comes with an event of such magnitude.

                                                 This is what is on my mind tonight

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