Thursday, November 21, 2013

I am not sure why but, this week has been tough for me, and somehow my days off have been harder on me than my days working...not that I am ready to go back to work.

I had a Dr.'s appt today, everything is good, and moving along, I am still small but, not out of proportion to my frame and nothing to worry about.

Paul officially did NOT get hired by either firm in Atlanta which is definitely a disappointment for both of us, but there is nothing we can do but keep trying.  To squeeze some lemon into the wound a girl that he told about the interviews and who just got off academic probation did get several offers...doesn't seem very fair considering how diligent Paul has been with school, but we are choosing to have faith that there is a reason and we ARE meant to go SOMEWHERE and hopefully that will work out at some point, even if it means staying in Gainesville an extra year....aaaaand paying another year of tuition ...sigh.

This also bring up the question that if we do stay for the LLM year that we will have to make a decision about if I am going to work or not during that year.  Baby will already be here so I would be working with a baby, on the one hand I want to say that my role is as a mother and I should just prioritize what is important and stay home with my daughter.  But, also my role as a mother is to take care of my family, and that includes their physical needs.  I don't think pioneer women or my own ancestors would have considered the only way to take care of a child is by staying home with her, but by being willing to go out and face the world to provide for my family, so if necessary I am willing to work, but also hoping that the LLM will not be necessary and we will be able to have me stay home.

Despite the set backs of not receiving an offer we have so much to be grateful for.  Especially health, we have been so blessed to have a healthy pregnancy, and that I was able to get insurance, and already well into the pregnancy, and that I am able to work now.  Also outside of health we have been blessed in our church service, and Paul has been blessed with admirable (admired by me) perseverance to continue to study hard and try to get interviews despite many set backs.

I know it seems like I write about this subject all the time, but what else do I really have to write about, this is our life and this is where we are at right now.

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  1. Bummer! another year of school. It kind of seemed like that would be the case to me. You'll probably be working but, at least kids don't really remember anything from when they're new-born anyway.