Tuesday, April 16, 2013

on the bus

Sometimes I take the bus from our apt to the college of nursing...mostly when I am seriously late, because I prefer to walk.

Even though its mostly students on campus there are always some mentally handicapped people (at least it seems this way)

Embarrassing for my sometimes I avoid talking to them...because its awkward to have a conversation on the bus with a bunch of people listening, and they always seem to ask the most personal questions.

I have been trying to get over this, be more Christ like.

They want human interaction, just like I do, and they likely get less of it.

I have been getting better and better at this, and now I often intentionally choose to sit next to the mentally handicapped person (that seat is usually open anyway)

Today, I felt like I had a meaningful conversation with a mentally handicapped man, he seemed to really enjoy talking to me, well talking to anyone (as he struck up a conversation as soon as I sat down).

Probably more than he enjoying talking, I felt good about it too.

Little things make a big difference for people, and they know when they are being ignored, avoided or talked down too.  Nursing school has made me more aware of this, Christ's example has taught me how important this is and I hope I can make it a priority to be kind to those around me, especially since so many have been kind to me.

I am writing this not to brag about how awesome I am at this, but because its something I want to develop in myself, something that is important, and to show I am grateful for these opportunities to become better being loving to those around me.

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