Thursday, April 18, 2013

back to that weekend

After more than a year and half I got to see one of my brothers and father.
 a year and a half, seems like no big deal, but it was preceded by another year and a half....which all together equals a long time without seeing family.

They were only here for a few hours, but we got to walk around favorite pastime.
We got to eat with them, talk with them, show them our life here, hear their testimonies, feel their love, and remember that there are people very very similar to ourselves out there.
people who look the same,
act the same,
and see us in the same context as we see ourselves.
people that we want to be with forever,
people that we pray for every night.

I hope I don't have to wait quite so long to see my family again. I love it here, but I just wish my they were a little closer by.

so thanks for driving all those extra hours to come visit.

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