Friday, April 5, 2013

I worked today, it was wonderful.  I was on the floor and the call lights were moving at just the right pace...and it was nothing I couldn't handle. Work is exhausting but I love that it gets me up and moving and gives me energy.  I also enjoyed the other nurses and techs company.  The nice thing about not being too busy was that there is more time for patient care, you can listen to patient's tell their stories without having to dash off to do something else,  you can also take the time to do nice things for patients like a gave a few foot and hand massages which I don't usually have time for and makes a difference for the patient.

We also had nursing research day, I only stayed for the morning (because I had to work) there were some interesting presentations and well a lot of nurses! of course I stayed for the free lunch and it was delish.  we had all sorts of free food events this week between Paul and I.  While I like the variety, I feel like I haven't been eating as healthy and feel like I need to refocus my eating (eat healthier).

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