Thursday, October 2, 2014

Changing my style

Yes it is.
When I was on my mission in Malaysia my whole concept of fashion changed.  I am speaking mostly of the time I spend in Borneo.  First off fashion seemed frivolous and silly while I was there. I was teaching people in some pretty dire life circumstances, and the western idea of "fashion", trends and that people pay way too much money for something that doesn't matter seemed not just silly but almost insulting.

BUT there were some things that people wore there that I started finding myself attracted to as well

For example most of the women would wear a gold or silver bracelets around each ankle, and I must admit that I almost bought a pair myself.

Or people would wear a lot of batik fabric wraps around the house...and indeed I had a dress made of the material.


and I bought one of these dresses.
and when I was transferred to KL I wore this

all of this seemed very cool and the hippest thing to be wearing at the time.

It didn't help when I returned and Ikat (which is originally from malaysia/indonesian) fabric patterns were on trend, it pretty much confirmed what I had been feeling the whole time.
                                                                           ikat fabric

So now (sorry for the looong post) I live in the south.
and I find myself wondering country music actually cool? camo print clothing "in" ?(the answer to that one is def still no)
....are southern accents charming? ( I notice I am occasionally tempted to say y'all)

Well, maybe these would be a little overboard but, don't be surprised if next time you see me I am wearing monogrammed Lily Pulizter
                                                                       you can too

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