Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Conference Traditions

This weekend is the general conference for The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am a member of that church, and I LOVE general conference (you can watch it here).  There are two two-hour sessions on Saturday and two on Sunday.

In between the sessions you get a two hour break.  Paul and I started a tradition of playing "saucer" better known as frisbee and catch with baseball/gloves.  Its a fun tradition, it encourages out door activity and discussion...we love it!

This weekend was our first conference in Panama City and we had the perfect place to play.  The weather was so perfect that we were outside playing even before conference started.  There was a cool breeze, but it was warm and sunny.

and the water was perfect!

we let Sylvia crawl around on the grass.

I was wearing jean pants and gym shoes but I could not resist the perfect temperature of the water and air.  So I jumped in (no pictures sorry too busy...we aren't very good at remembering to take pictures) and swam out to this sailboat.

After I swam back (its farther than it looks) Paul did the same thing.

we still played saucer and catch, but I would say we added a new tradition to conference :)

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