Thursday, October 31, 2013

Finding out our baby's gender

Since, I didn't have health insurance until I got a job I didn't actually have any prenatal appts. until around 20 weeks.  It was fine with me I know the rules of what to eat and what to expect (plus the internet is very useful), and thankfully I did not have any complications.  But somewhere around 20 weeks I was finally able to go in and see a Dr.  they were of course surprised that I had not been in previously and although everything was fine they were able to get me in for a ultrasound the next day.

Well, all along I suspected that I would be having a girl.  Actually even before I was married, I had a dream on my mission while in KL that I would have a daughter first.  Now I have a lot of weird dreams and this one was no exception but, something about it really stuck with me, so I just assumed that is what it would be.  Then I had really bad morning sickness, then I craved/crave everything sweet or at least NOT for me it all added up to GIRL!  So I have been talking incessantly  about girl names for several months and Paul liked to check me with some boy names since I didn't know that it would be a girl.

But it turns out I was right,  I have looked at lots of ultrasounds before and have some general anatomy knowledge and so I could follow where we were on the ultrasound pretty well, and I knew before the tech even said it that indeed it is really a girl.  Paul had to agree that I was right all along.  We are both happy with this although, girl names are really hard (there's so many!)

Since we have been pregnant we sing a hymn to the baby every night and that night Paul insisted we sing "as sisters in zion" to prepare our future "sister".  In any case we are both very excited and ....really taking name suggestions!
                                                            baby with umbilical cord
as sisters in zion
                                                           or from a favorite movie

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