Tuesday, March 12, 2013

narcotics anonymous

No I am not addicted to narcotics, but for nursing school I was assigned to go to an AA or an NA meeting.  I finally (after weeks of procrastination) did that last night.  I did not really know what to expect maybe I bunch of people who were forced to be there who did not want to be, but I was impressed at what I found.

A group of people who were openly struggling with an addiction that they have accepted as ruining their life.  And there was a lot of love and understanding for them by those who have been (and are still going through) what they are now.

Immediately upon entering the room, I felt the love, I felt the spirit even, I felt that God loves each of these people and recognizes their attempts to get better.  I thought it was refreshing for these people to openly be able to take about how hard it is to recover from their addiction and refreshing to see people actively trying to make their lives better, and know they need help and strength to get through their trials...they come out of their free will.

I also thought of people in my life that I wish would have been there and could have survived the battle against their addictions.  

So, when I saw the assignment to go I was a little skeptical, but going definitely changed my perspective on the people there, resources available, and people involved.

I am grateful for the experience, and if you are someone who is dealing with addiction I would urge you to go.

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