Monday, March 11, 2013

Back from break

Well, its turns out it wasn't much of a break because i chose to work (good choice right?) and then after that Paul had a last minute interview in Ft. Lauderdale.  Poor Paul first he injured his back working out (still not better) then he had to sit on a ghetto greyhound bus for 6 hours each way...although he came back some interesting bus stories.  But this also meant that we couldn't go on walks which is what I was looking forward to for spring break most of all, non hurried walks together, but maybe this week?

So recently I have been sewing where I should be painting.  I have two started paintings that I wanted to work on over break, but instead decided to sew (I will post pictures soon).  I starting to think that I prefer sewing actually, mostly because you can wear what you can't really wear a painting, in fact almost no one gets to see it.  So basically I am vain and materialistic ( although not so much in comparison to those around me) and I like clothes, so at least I am not spending money on them, except for just a little bit for fabric.

Tonight I am going to an AA meeting, I've never drank, but its required for nursing school as part of our mental health rotation...should be interesting.

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