Saturday, March 16, 2013

builder not a basher

I decided the other night after a long day at clinicals that  should decide to like nursing school until it is over, I think that with the right attitude I CAN do that.

I don't know if this is everywhere or just in nursing school, but it seems like everyone around me just spends their time complaining.  Complain that the tests are hard, complain about professors, complain about clinicals, complain about graduation, complain about scheduling.  Everyone if complaining about everything!

I am no exception, I'd like to think that I am a little better than most, but I actually doubt it because that's sort of what people's conversations consist of and to talk to them and try and relate probably smart to join in the complaining.

And while maybe we complain just to make conversation, hearing it all the time really starts to rub off on how you actually feel about things.

So, I am making a goal to stop complaining about nursing school.  To simply decide that I like it and like it.  This probably won't be that hard because as soon as I start looking at all the things that I am grateful for related to nursing school,  I will have a long list.

Its a hard program and that's ok, but considering how hard it is and how strict they have to be, they try and accomodate you as much as is reasonable for the circumstances, which of course never seems to come up in conversation. wonder why?

Is it just human nature to complain? Do the people around you complain a lot?  How you deal with it?

also our card reader seems to have temporarily disappeared so until it turns up I will be using pictures via the library of congress

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