Monday, December 3, 2012

what what what???

Yes that is right they are changing our clinical groups.  I know in the vast perspective of life and death and life after death this basically is not important at all, but ti certainly has a lot of feathers ruffled in our program, so I would like to write this in memory of Orange 1 that will no longer exist after finals.

My new clinical group, is not the worst or the best, so I will just keep my mouth shut, furthermore we will be staying at the hospital the closest to our apt., so yeah...i am not saying anything, and then there is that scholarship money that has motivated me to not complain about ANYTHING anymore.

So....moment of silence, and I will work on getting a picture of our beloved clinical group.

We took blood pressures at homeless shelters, and sr meal sites together,
We made up poems to appease our professors,
We shared passwords for certain nursing resources,
We vented often, sometimes about each other,
some were closer than others,
We will still have class together
We decorated cupcakes to look like a family,
We survived the first two semesters of clinicals...and I have even seen a few of them cry...
goodbye orange 1

at least I have one companion that the dean of the nursing school can't split me up from :)

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