Monday, July 13, 2015

Some adjustments

So we did a week of the 6 am to 10 pm schedule. We had difficulty sleeping, but we enjoyed out mornings. However after a week (a short time I know) we decided that we are going to slightly adjust the schedule. Now we are waking up at 7am and going to bed at 11pm.  The main reason for this is Sylvia. By the time Sylvia goes to bed at night we were left with very little time. That time after she goes to bed is GOLD. That's when I get...anything! done.  It is sort of my sanity time, I paint, clean up, relax...or whatever I want really. Since we were waking her up early to go on morning walks we didn't have extra time in the morning or at night. So we adjusted now we are on day 1 of 7am to 11pm.  I think it will work out well, we had our scripture study together before Paul had to get ready for work.  So that is my update !

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