Thursday, June 20, 2013

today was fun!

Today was my last day of nursing school class :)  i woke up at the same time as the final started (woops)  partly because my alarm didnt go off because it was in the car right now I am house sitting at the self's house from our ward...i love it. Sometimes the dog (cozette) can get a little crazy, but the cat mango is nice, and its so wonderful.  hot tub, shower, food, piano, and general decorating and vice of the house is just relaxing.  So I rushed to school made it in time to rush through the test and still didn't do bad at all.  Nursing school has been so crazy and I am so glad it is ALMOST finished.  Although of course passing the nclex is going to be no small task.
So what was fun about today was that our class had a big party at one of our class members houses, it was a pool party and it was just so fun and laid back everyone is sort of able to take a breath because we are the ones that made it.
Even though this group of course has its faults, ahem they drink and party alot, they have different standard when it comes to dress, but in some ways I am going to miss them.  They are definitely people that I would never otherwise have crossed paths with.

so heres to a great year and a half of helping each other and making it through

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